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Sports Testimonials

Maryland Sports Massage Testimonials

Dawn P.  Elkridge, MD    2/21/2017

I have been an athlete the majority of my life but after a couple injuries in the military I found myself on the sidelines for a handful of years. After a lot of physical therapy rebuilding the supporting muscles I have started training competitively in Muay Thai Kickboxing and part time in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu this past year. At the end of each week my body is exhausted, stiff, sore, skin torn up... you name it... and Paul, the owner, of Massages On The Run is the one that makes it possible for me to keep going the following week. He is a miracle worker. It's not just your run of the mill spa massage. He knows what you need to stretch and can pin point tense muscles you never knew existed that is actually the root of a pain you have somewhere else. My flexibility is improving greatly which has helped me a lot with my kicks. Stop looking and give him a call.


Christa P.   Elkridge, MD     2/21/2017

I'm a very active person with sports and military. I've gotten several injury rehab massages from Paul and each time he's been a miracle worker. I carry a lot of gear on my vest and it stresses out my neck and shoulders and Paul can read every muscle and joint, work it out and have me back in the fight at 100% with just an hour on his massage table. His knowledge of how each muscle interacts with one another helps because while you may think your problem is one thing he can actually determine it might be something else that's influencing your pain. He's professional, punctual, and also offers a lot of suggestions of different stretches and exercises to do on your own time after your massage to help on a long-term basis.


Michael H.    Chesapeake Beach, MD   1/12/2017

I've known Paul for a long time. He is one of the most knowledgeable and professional people for Massages and Injury Rehabilitation I have met. He is always friendly and will greet you with a smile. Back in 2008 I was stiff and sore from sleeping on the cold ground at a camp out as my gear had gotten wet in the monsoon that had pummeled our campsite, He free of charge brought me over put me on his table and worked on my for about 20 minutes, which amazingly enough was all I needed. I felt like a new man and was able to enjoy the rest of my weekend camping. Whenever I hear anybody exclaim about needing a massage or injury I always recommend them to speak to Paul. I on occasion will pay him to drive down to me ~ a 45 mile one way trip to work on my mother who was injured in 2000 in a bad vehicle accident, and she always seems to perk up after a visit her back, neck, and shoulder always see improvement. I will continue to use his services as long as he will make the drive down to my little bit of countryside. Paul is my #1 go to for injury rehab questions or advice, and #1 for Deep tissue massages.


Michael W.   Canton, OH   1/11/2017

23 year old male, hobby-athlete with a physical job here; met Paul through mutual friend's and discovered through conversation his talents and love of helping people's many injuries and pains; he offered to help me with a smile on his face, and asked for nothing in return.
Paul had helped my forearms and calves with the pain I felt from overusing them; through Hands-on therapy (massage, pain relieving pressure points) and advice given to me that he had acquired from a long career of practice and study he gave me positive results both long term and short term; I'd recommend his friendly professionalism to anyone who wants the job done right.


Joel A.   Owings, MD   1/11/2017

Paul is very professional. I had been dealing with back pain that limited my job as a mechanic. I thought it just misalignment. However Paul told me is my back muscles were right. He worked out the muscles that had knots in them, which helped my back alignment. Which helped me get back to full movement and improve my performance at work.


Shelley P.   Las Vegas, NV   1/4/2017

As a former collegiate athlete and one who endured rehab for three knee surgeries and four foot surgeries, I have to say that Paul's work is excellent. First of all, very professional. Secondly, understands the difference between delivering massage related to relaxation versus rehab. One also feels a sense of trust with Paul, which is especially important in rehabbing injuries. Also great at relieving stress / tension related to work/life and sitting at a desk for long periods of time. Highly recommend.


J. S.   Silver Spring, MD   12/29/2016

Outcall Massage Injury Rehab Massage: This guy really knows what he's doing!  I can see why so many Celebrities and Professional Athletes use him, and also why Doctors refer their patients to him!   My regular Massage Therapist was out of town, and was referred to Paul.  He did more for my body in one hour than my regular therapist did in half a year.  I now am seeing him, and purchased one of his discounted Rub Clubs for a weekly massage.


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