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General Testimonials

General Testimonials  


Zachary G.   Richmond, VA   1/6/2017

I am a professional magician. My hands were getting really sore from all the work, and this guy changed my life. In just a few minutes I was already feeling better. It was like I'd been given a brand new set of hands. I've had other massages since then, but none of them have been even close to this one!


Rose G.   Arlington, VA   1/22/2017

I've had good experiences! Clearly knowledgeable of message and he knows how to treat his clients with care and respect while working. Very personable and truly loves what he does. I absolutely recommend him and his company. Give it a try!


lisa m.  Washington, DC   8/4/2017  

Yelp must be doing something tricky here because everyone I know gives Paul the best ratings and yet, when we check back, the ratings all have disappeared. Hands down, so to speak, he's the best masseuse in the DMV. He's amazing, handles all the aches and pains, is professional and is reliable. Book him now.

lisa m.  Washington, DC   5/2/2017     Great massage. Unbelievably professional. Saved me from sciatic nerve pain.

lisa m.  Washington, DC   4/6/2017   Amazing service and massage. Called him because of a horrible pain running along right side after a 20 hour plane ride. He came to the house and worked wonders. I admit being a bit nervous having a strange masseuse off the web come to my house in the evening, but no reason to be concerned. He was professional and able to figure out what the problem was. he does a lot of work with sports people and others so he knows how to deal with muscle tension and strains. Even though I was in some pain, while he was working on me I managed to fall asleep! When he left I was still in pain, but the next morning I woke up in near-perfect shape. After a week of pain this is incredible. I plan a follow up asap.  


Amberin Z.    Northwest Washington, Washington, DC   6/9/2017

I am a journalist and have all kinds of pain associated with sitting in the same position for hours, stress from deadline pressure; Paul performed miracles in the comfort of my home.I already feel one hundred percent better.He is pleasant and highly professional.I recommend him without reservation as one of the best masseurs I have ever employed.I intend to keep working with him for as long as we both can.He has and will improve the quality of my life,my body and my spirits.


Andrew M.   Washington, DC   5/12/2017

I have suffered from pain related to my back and achilles tendon. I am also very wary of being told massage can help. However, after seeing the remarkable way in which Paul Seiberlich worked on my wife's terrible back problem I decided to give it a try. I have been very impressed and will keep going back. Paul Seiberlich came to my home, he set up and worked efficiently and neatly. The relief from pain I felt was remarkable and lasting. Highly recommended.

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