Massages On The Run LLC
Have Hands, Will Travel.


BBB A+ Rating for 17 years!!!


Since 1997 Massages On The Run has been going to the:  House, Hotel, Office, Hospital Room, Nursing Home, Undisclosed Location, Backstage, Practice Field, Locker Room, Club House, Green Room, or Movie Shoot location, for our clients. 
We specialize in Injury Rehab, Geriatric Care (Memory Care), High Risk Pregnancy, Pre\Post Sports, Injury Prevention, Strong Deep Tissue, Post Surgical, and Swedish. We often work in conjunction with MDs, PTs, DCs, PAs, and RNs, in order to speed up your recovery. 

We are more of a medical type of massage where we "fix" you, rather than sipping Cranberry juice, and listening to Enya. 

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