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Retirement Home Testimonials

November - December 2015 Testimonies from Retirement Home Residents:  

(Resident) is more cooperative with the staff and has a nicer mood since you started. (Staff) 
My husband is standing up straighter now, walks more steadily and confidently, plus stands up unassisted now. You took away, or greatly reduced his lower back pain. (Wife) 
(Resident) now moves her head up, crosses her leg, and is in a more pleasant mood since you started working on her (Both GNA and Daughter) 
(Resident) has much greater range of motion, and walks around more, rather than laying in her bed all day. (Aide) 
I can clearly see the positive effects in the last two months of you working on (Resident)  (Aide and Staff) 
They were able to reduce the medication for (Resident) since you started working on her. (Aide) 
You were able to identify a small problem with (Resident) the former therapist was not able to. (Aide)     
(Resident) appears to be more aware of her surroundings in the last two months. 
My mom was really happy with the massage you gave her and I wanted to say thank you for your patience in getting the appt set up and making her feel comfortable.  I would also observe that there was a noticeable difference in her mental acuity after the massage.  She was much more alert and organized in her thinking and also reports that she slept much better than usual.  So that is something that will be really valuable to her (and us on her behalf!)  
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