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Retirement Home Testimonials

November - December 2015 Testimonies from Retirement Home Residents:  

(Resident) is more cooperative with the staff and has a nicer mood since you started. (Staff) 
My husband is standing up straighter now, walks more steadily and confidently, plus stands up unassisted now. You took away, or greatly reduced his lower back pain. (Wife) 
(Resident) now moves her head up, crosses her leg, and is in a more pleasant mood since you started working on her (Both GNA and Daughter) 
(Resident) has much greater range of motion, and walks around more, rather than laying in her bed all day. (Aide) 
I can clearly see the positive effects in the last two months of you working on (Resident)  (Aide and Staff) 
They were able to reduce the medication for (Resident) since you started working on her. (Aide) 
You were able to identify a small problem with (Resident) the former therapist was not able to. (Aide)     
(Resident) appears to be more aware of her surroundings in the last two months. 
2019   Mom smiles more for when Paul walk in, than when I do.  She communicates better with him than anyone else, and he understands her better than anyone alse can.  She says, "Bye, come back soon.", she doesn't even do that for her family. I can see with my own eyes that she's feeling better, in less pain, and can perform her daily activities better after he's done.
2017   Paul played an important role in having my mom walk again with a walker, from a wheelchair \ bed bound.  She can also stand and lean against the wall now. She smiles everytime she sees Paul walk in. 
2017   I no longer need my walker since Paul has been working on me.  I can now walk over 100 yards without assistance, but we keep it close by.  I point to my wrist and tell Paul the pain is there, then he works on my elbow for 10 minutes, and the pain in my wrist is gone! 
2018  My mom was really happy with the massage you gave her and I wanted to say thank you for your patience in getting the appt set up and making her feel comfortable.  I would also observe that there was a noticeable difference in her mental acuity after the massage.  She was much more alert and organized in her thinking and also reports that she slept much better than usual.  So that is something that will be really valuable to her (and us on her behalf!)  
2018   Dad looks better, perkier, and t's only been a month since we've been using Paul. 

1/29/2017     Elizabeth H.

I first met Paul when my Mom's doctor referred me to him when she was in the hospice in Feb 2016.  I was told by the doctor that Paul was one of the most experienced and knowledgeable outcall medical massage therapists in the area, and had decades of experience working with difficult medical massage cases, as well as the Washington Redskins.  He would come once a week to massage my mom in her hospice bed.  He made my mom and I smile when he showed us his "photo resume" (his photo album) of some of his famous celebrities that he worked on backstage at concerts for the past 17 years.  I couldn't believe it when he showed me the picture inside Cheyanne's and The Gypsy Kings dressing room plus many professional athletes!  I thought I would faint. 
He told me about his Bachelor's Degree in Massage, with a minor in healthcare management, from Siena Heights University, and that it was very rare to find another therapist in this area with a Bachelor's Degree in Massage.  He was right, I spent the next week searching the internet for another one in this area, and couldn't find one single therapist who had that degree in MD\DC\VA, only he had one.  There were also very few massage therapist in this area who had a "Board Certification" like he was, less than 10 in the MD\DC\VA area when I checked. 
After each of his sessions, my mom would be more alert and aware of things going on around her, plus was better able to communicate and comprehend things with me when I visited her.  She told me that after Paul's appointments that she would have less pain, it was easier to move, and it was hurt less for her to be in different positions whether sitting or lying down. 
In Aug 2016 my mom passed, and I was devastated.  Being the caring and kind person he is, Paul gave me a COMP massage at my house to try to make me feel better, and it did!  He knew of my financial difficulties now that my mom was gone and offered me FREE massage, then later discounted massages, to try to help me endure through the depression.  His massages worked.  Although he talks only about specializing with medical and injury rehab massage, His gentle and warm smile brightened my day each time I saw him, and his caring touch and cute laugh took all the aches and pains out of my muscles and joints, and somehow eased my depression over losing my mom.  It seemed like when he worked on me, all my problems went away for an hour, and afterwards they didn't bother me as much. 
So in conclusion, this review involves two people who were clients of Massages On The Run, both my mom and I.  We both think Paul is terrific; whether regarding medical massage, or helping ease someone's depression.  I've had massages in four states from several different male and female therapists in the last 11 years, but his strength, endurance, knowledge of Nursing, Emergency Medicine, Massage, funny stories, plus caring touch seem to fix almost everything, and was better than any other therapist I've ever had in my life.

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